About Us

We developed the VITAE Memorials online platform in 2016 as a result of the worsening physical state of graveyards and the need for an internationally accessible and safe place where anyone can remember their loved ones and where family and friends can share their memories.

This platform is an outlet where those who are going through the grieving process, can start to find peace after the death of a loved one.

While we were creating the platform, it became clear that genealogical research was a big part of the process of what we were doing.  Therefore, we added various features and services to help people find long lost family members and trace their roots.

We were excited and encouraged to find that many people from all over the world were able to reconnect with family and friends and were able to share their memories and pay their respects.

Thank you for visiting VITAE Memorials today and please share news of our platform and services with your friends and family.

Henry Murphy – Founder

Features & Functionality

Online Memorials

When you post a memorial on VITAE Memorials, you make it possible for family and friends throughout the world to pay their respects and share their memories.  This gesture is especially meaningful for those who cannot attend a memorial service or funeral in person for whatever reason.

Genealogical Research

The information on our Memorials, Graves, Notices and Deceased Estate pages are available FREE of charge, to anyone wanting to conduct their own genealogical research.  We also offer a genealogical research service where we can do your genealogical research for you.

Personal History

Because you share information, memories and photos of a loved one who has passed on VITAE Memorials, future generations will be able to find it and build their family trees with more accurate and feature-rich information.

Social Media

Using a VITAE online memorial, you are able to refer active Twitter & Facebook accounts to the online memorial. This gives you the necessary online documentation to put these accounts in an inactive state and stop others from posting to the deceased’s social pages.  

Share or Print

Each one of our Memorial, Grave and Notice pages can be shared via Social Media and E-mail and can be printed with the click of a button.  It’s quick and easy to reach family and friends.


VITAE Memorials is a helpful platform for those who are left behind and going through the grieving process.  Find comfort by reading the memories of others who are going through the same emotions and celebrate a loved one’s life by sharing your own.


We are currently in the process of adding insightful articles dealing with various topics around loss, grieving and celebrating life to our Blog.  We also post engaging Genealogical articles that will interest you.  Read and share your opinion. 

Up to Date

We are constantly adding new content to our platform. If you are unable to find someone, come back later and check again. With more than 800 000 records that needs to be added we are one of the fastest growing memorial and Genealogical sites on the web.