Emily -Emm-
* 22 May 1922
✝ 28 November 2018
Emily Cameron – later to become Emily Penney – was affectionately known in the family as The Gadget Queen…but more of that later. Born in Hope Hospital in Salford (Lancashire) on 22nd of May 1927 – in the gap between the two great wars- Emily was the 6th of seven children and the second daughter to William Percy and Lily Cameron. Growing up anywhere in the UK in those days was tough- and the family lived in a two-up-two-down terraced house with no hot water and an outside toilet. Bath nights consisted of boiling water and getting out the tin bath – and if you were last in you could come out dirtier than you went in! Cobblestone streets- corner shops and red telephone boxes were the order of the day. The family pet was a cat – called Tiger – and he seemed to be “renewed” every now and then- basically the same colour but somehow slightly different – possibly even a different gender - but he/she was always known as Tiger. Even back then responsible cat ownership meant that Grandad Cameron would have to take Tiger for a trip to the local vet to be “galvanised” - a term that made Em giggle even many- many years later. Emily was evacuated as a young teenager to Askam- where we believe she did some work on the local farm. After the war- days out to Blackpool- music on the “wireless”- dancing and singing in the church choir were eagerly anticipated activities – and Emily developed a passion for singing - becoming quite adept at turning out a song or two. Emily married William George Martin Penney (otherwise known as Bill) on the 16th December 1950. The marriage took place in the local church hall – where of course no alcohol was allowed. However- there was a pub literally around the corner- so it came as no surprise that during the course of the party that evening people were apt to disappear in two’s and three’s only to re-appear a short time later a little more festive and a little more willing to dance and celebrate. Yvonne was born “some-time later” and grew up as an only child – a far cry from Emily’s childhood with six siblings! Emily developed a taste for the latest of any type of gadget. She was an excellent cook and an avid reader- so whether it was a special kitchen implement for removing the leaf and top bit off a strawberry – or the latest Kindle electronic book- if it was new and it was a gadget – she had to have it. (I didn’t even know there WAS a tool for removing the top off a strawberry!! – It’s called a Huller by the way in case you are as ill-informed as I am!!). Her favourite shop became Lakeland because of its huge array of kitchen implements and gadgets. Her taste in pets moved on from pussy cats to pooches and by far the most beloved of these was Snowy – a small Maltese poodle… all white fur and dark eyes. Yvonne eventually married Gary – and produced two amazing grand-children for Emily to love and spoil and they- in turn produced two great grandchildren each. Bill and Em visited South Africa several times after we had moved over here in 1981- and this enabled Emily to indulge in her other passion – sitting in the African sun changing through several shades of brown in the few weeks they were here. It seems that the depth of the tan became one of the yardsticks by which a successful holiday was measured. Emily was an amazing woman- strong- generous- warm-hearted and possessing a wonderful – sometimes naughty – sense of humour. An independent woman- Em stayed in the UK living alone for several years after Bill had passed away. But fortunately for us- she finally came out here to live with us. It has been almost 5 years since she arrived in Cape Town- and we believe it was a fitting final chapter for this wonderful lady who loved her family- and particularly her daughter- so much. She will be sorely missed but we take comfort from knowing for certain where she has moved on to.

Genealogical Information

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Full Name : Emily -Emm-
Nickname :
Maiden Name : Cameron
Last Name : Penney
Date Of Birth : 22 May 1922
Town Of Birth : England
Country Of Birth :
Occupation :
Date Of Death : 28 November 2018
Town Of Death : Cape Town
Country Of Death :
Cause Of Death : Natural Causes
Father's Name : William Percy
Father's Last Name : Cameron
Mother's Name : Lily
Mother's Maiden Name :
Sibling's Names : Lil- Charles- Arthur- Percy- Herbert- Robert
Spouse's Name : Bill (William George Martin)
Spouse's Last Name : Penney
Children's Names : Yvonne
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