FAQ - VITAE Online Memorials

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What is VITAE Online Memorials ?

Not only are we a save space (instead of graveyards) were people can visit loved ones, but VITAE Online Memorials is also a website dedicated to celebrating the lives of those who has passed and preserving information about them for future generations.

How much does it cost to use VITAE Online Memorials ?

All information on our site is FREE to view and no registration or payment is needed to leave message on the memorial pages.
If you want to post a memorial to our website, we ask for a payment of 195.00 ZAR per memorial.
As a company, you might want to register as a monthly subscriber at R1995.00 per month. This will give you access to post an unlimited amount of memorials per month. If you would like to subscribe, please contact us and we will get back to you with your login details.

Why should I make use VITAE Online Memorials ?

Not only do we aim to keep records for future generations, but by using VITAE Online Memorials, you give family and friends around the world to leave their condolenses and to share their memories. Anyone that can not attend a funeral or memorial service, can now still pay their respects.

Is my information safe on the your website ?

You only share information that you want to share. The only information that is compulsary is: Name, Surname, Date of Birth & Date of Death. All infromation presented to us is encrytpted and will not be shared on any other platform or with anyone else without the consent of the person whom posted the information.

Can I make contributions to the site ?

If you would like to contribute by adding Graves or Notices, please register and we will supply you with a login to be able to do so FREE of charge. 

How can I help this site ?

To keep photographing and capturing the information on gravestones from existing graveyards before they fall into disrepair, we need your assistance. Please help us in donating to the cause. 

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