Seshendra Sharma
* 20/10/1927
✝ 30/05/2007
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Genealogical Information

Full Name : Seshendra Sharma
Nickname : Seshendra
Maiden Name :
Last Name :
Date Of Birth : 20/10/1927
Date Of Death : 30/05/2007

Grave Information

Grave Marker :
Graveyard Name :
Graveyard Town :
Graveyard Area :
Graveyard Country :
GPS Coordinates : hyderabad : India
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  1. Seshendra Sharma

    Pardon Me Father!

    I could not rescue him from the clutches of that nymphomaniac and vampire. There may be an exception or two but an average Indian woman desires from the depths of her soul that her husband should live long and she should pass away before him. She performs prayers and fasts on auspicious days for this purpose. She in spite of being 3years elder to him did away with my father in a planned and premeditated manner and I was a silent and helpless witness to it. He suffered 1st Heart attack in November 1997. Cardiologists performed angiogram and advised open heart surgery. Because there were blocks in vessels and one valve was damaged. But she successfully thwarted it and without my knowledge or informing any one got angioplasty done in Mediciti (Hyderabad: AP; India) her plan was to do away with him and live long, and establish herself as his wife through his books. He was succumbing to her blackmail. My overwhelming hunch is that she was threatening him with social insult and humiliation if he parts ways with her.

    Between 1997-2007, she played football with his body. He used to be hospitalized every now and then with swollen body and heart pain. Because of damaged valve pumping was impaired and water used to accumulate in the system. Every time I used to force her to hospitalize him. He used be in ICCU for a couple of days and recover marginally. After each visit to hospital he was getting debilitated gradually. He was put on wheel chair. He was virtually under house arrest. He was not allowed to speak to friends and family members. Visitors were kept away. He was taking Lasix (Tablet: is a diuretic that is used to treat fluid accumulation, caused by heart failure, cirrhosis, chronic kidney failure, and nephrotic syndrome.) to flush out water accumulated in his body. This creates a painful dilemma in me whether my interference in his health matters was just. As his son it was my moral duty to protect him. But I sometimes feel if I were not to interfere she would have put him to death long ago and thus he would have escaped from physical and mental torture quite early.

    Towards perhaps end of the month of March she withdrew medication. He got swollen suddenly and that condition continued till the last day i.e. 30th may 2007. Each time I visited I used to tell that witch to take him to hospital. But after a couple of visits I got convinced that she made up her mind this time to do away with him. I requested a bastard who was feigning to be a friend of mine, who incidentally happens to be a legal luminary of this region to send a doctor friend to that place and ascertain the exact condition of his health. But of no avail.

    I kept on telling him to come out of that place and lead a normal and healthy life. Her blackmail gained an upper hand and I lost in my efforts to restore health to him and bring him back to civilized society. O God pardon me for not being able to outmanoeuvre her machinations. Pardon me father.

  2. Seshendra Sharma

    I am the drop of sweat, I am the sun
    Rising from the hills of human sinews,
    Hearts are my friends
    I live in the city of sufferings
    Although in my fist, I hold an ocean of history
    I sculptured man silently –
    Wings that carried birds
    Did not bring them back;
    I am drinking thick darkness
    In the haunts of those forests
    Which cry out in agony for the birds
    That did not return;
    Clutching at the garment woven of memories
    I twine myself to the feet of my country.
    Heads that were hanging to the trees
    Smile as flowers today in the branches
    Hearts that received the bullets
    Ring in temples of our land like bells;
    Blood of theirs nights squeezed and offered
    By how many to bring forth this day;
    They are hanging like icicles
    On the ridges of our roofs;
    Look, it is an iron fist I have;
    I shall excavate the flame of light
    From the rocks of time –
    I will set fire to the sleep of resisting centuries –
    To the rivers that run in passion after the sea
    I cry halt, command them
    To paint the colourless arid lands in green,
    Invite back the smile which fled away
    In terror from this land,
    To the butterfly trudging hungrily for a flower
    I shall give a garden –
    Come children, eat
    Bits of nights dipping them in moonlight,
    I shall not allow the sun to cheat this sacred day;
    If he wakes not on the horizon of this land
    I shall tear my burning heart
    And put it in its place
    With the scarlet of my living flesh
    Illuminate the earth
    I am the drop of sweat, I am the sun
    Rising from the hills of human sinews –
    – Seshendra Sharma

  3. Seshendra Sharma

    Flowers and Silences
    The dim darkness-the diffused light-dimness of one merging into the other-imparting more length to the long trees that are standing like stretched out shadows wearing stars in their hair- silence is imparting more depth to the darkness in this advaita where darkness is merged into silence, my mind wakes up, now not only sound but even a ray of light is a violent disturbance to the profoundness of peace- in such moments deep truths unveil themselves-now I realise it is not sound but in silence melody lives-I am born out of flowers and silences- while passing my hand brushed against a flower, I asked ‘are you bruised? ‘‘Me or you’ smiling, the flower questioned back- the heart of my pen broke and split blood; – I do not know which paper can bear this pen-In the gigantic silences of forests, which touch the blue skies, the carpenter bird pecks at the trunks of great trees which echo, far reaching sounds-what can he do among the tiny crotons?I ate days like fruits-now I eat drops of tears like grapes-frightened by the sun took refuge under shades-sitting on the pavement eating dreams from eyes like ice cream with spoons- measuring my life with dark evenings- I distributed my wealth once with metres, now I scatter with handfuls my future letting it fly in all directions-I washed my heart in tears and dried it over poetry- walked past wearing people on my body like shawls-in the assemblies of flames; in countries abroad I raised my gypsy voice and sang mixing earth and sky-this country is the graveyard of my genius- however fast I walk the distance remains the same. This land is thirsty for my blood, it is snoring in the little shades of pigmy trees-I picked my pen and dipped it in the sun to write a summer song for my nation-
    – Seshendra Sharma

  4. Seshendra Sharma

    You may be a mere piece of wood
    You are the one symbol of our labour
    That raised its head
    in the ancient years of the earth
    plough maybe your name
    but you are that burning letter
    which fell on the earth from the sky
    abandoning the language of the stars
    your touched roused
    the perfumes of dreams
    sleeping in the earth
    and dispersed them all over in the empty space –
    Before you might
    Knelt the woods, the hills, the rivers and the savannahs –
    Drinking your sperm
    Earth yielded in ecstatic joy
    Large gifts of fruits hearths homes and poems –
    Today in the final page of history
    You have drawn the burning line across the mankind
    Defining workers and idlers
    Held out the promise of a new sun
    To the working classes of the world –
    -Seshendra Sharma

  5. Saatyaki S/o seshendra Sharma

    Seshendra Sharma : Meet The Author : Sahitya Akademi : 1995

    This is father’s speech
    ( Seshendra Sharma / )
    at “ Meet the author Program “ jointly organised
    by India International Centre and Sahitya Akademi : New Delhi
    on 05. 12. 1995 ——-
    In this Literary Gathering father presented
    his paper on poetics“ Poetry : An Odyssey “ and
    Recited his poems in English, Hindi and Telugu.
    Courtesy : Sahitya Akademi : New Delhi : India



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