Valerie Norah -Val-
* 24 November 1946
✝ 24 November 2018
Val loved her grandchildren and was very involved in the catholic church. A good teacher- loved by many and a great ambassador for her faith.

Genealogical Information

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Full Name : Valerie Norah -Val-
Nickname :
Maiden Name : Masters
Last Name : West
Date Of Birth : 24 November 1946
Town Of Birth : Cape Town
Country Of Birth :
Occupation : Teacher
Date Of Death : 24 November 2018
Town Of Death : George
Country Of Death :
Cause Of Death : Natural Causes
Father's Name : Samuel
Father's Last Name : Masters
Mother's Name : Esther
Mother's Maiden Name : Price
Sibling's Names : Rubed- Greg
Spouse's Name : Owen
Spouse's Last Name : West
Children's Names : Gareth- Geoff & Olwen
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