VITAE Memorials

Celebrating life & preserving the past.

  • Create a VITAE memorial for a loved one.
  • Easily share an obituary and funeral events.
  • Give family & friends the opportunity to pay their respects and share their photos, stories and memories.
  • Preserve genealogical information for future generations.
  • Find long-lost family and friends. 

Our online memorial platform makes it possible for anyone in the world to find a loved one that has passed.
We provide FREE access to thousands of genealogical documents (new ones added weekly) so that you
can trace your family roots.


Celebrate the life of your loved one
with a beautiful memorial page.

Your memories are turned into beautifully designed memorial pages, suitable for viewing on any device,
anywhere in the world.

With your memorial page, you are preserving valuable genealogical information for future generations.

Give your family and friends, who are not able to attend the memorial service or funeral, the opportunity to pay their respects and to share their memories in a dignified way.


Account Features 

Memorials (R195)

Create a Memorial page for your loved one where visitors can leave messages and share photos and memories.


Notices (FREE)

Add a Notice to the site with funeral / service details and share it with family and friends.

Graves (FREE)

Add a Grave image to the site for visitors to visit for genealogical purposes. Leave messages, share photos and memories.

Site Search (FREE)

Search though our Deceased Estates, Articles, Graves, Memorials and Notices for information.

Family Genealogical Reseach

As an extra service, we do private genealogical research.
Contact us for a personalised quote and let us build your family tree for you.

On completion of your genealogical research project, we supply a large printout, with all the information that we discovered, in the form of a full-size family tree. Some of the trees that we have already done have measured 2m in length. It makes for a great gift and can become a family relic that can be passed on from generation to generation.


After my father’s passing, I created an Online Memorial on VITAE. After a week, I was contacted by one of his collage friends, Currently in Australia, that has been looking for him. He was able to share some memories of my dad with me and I got to see my dad in a way I never knew him. Thanks VITAE Online Memorials !


My dearest mother passed away and I missed her so much. The Online Memorial page gave me and my sibling a platform to grieve and to share our loving memories of mom. 


Thanks for the friendly and excellent service. Through the memorial page for my sister, we were able to share funeral details and it just made everything so much easier during this time. Family that could not attend the funeral because of COVID-19 was able to pay their respects and share their memories.


I had my family tree researched  by VITAE. I received a beautiful, VREY large tree and learned a lot of thing about my family that I never knew. I am planning to leave it to my children as a part of our legacy. Everyone should know their past and where they come from.